We Offer Professional 

Web Services

Your website should not only look good but also run flawlessly.

We will create a seamless plan that will accomplish your company’s goals and strategies. We go through the concept for your business or project, work on bringing your vision to life through design that produces action and conversion.

We also make sure your site is launched in a reasonable amount of time that works according to your schedule.

Web Design

I need a brand new website that connects with my audience and showcases my brand as it should be.

Let us assist you in creating a beautiful, custom, responsive, search engine friendly website that grows your business and stands out among the rest.

We’ve worked with clients like you to create beautiful and unique websites that they and their customers have loved plus we ensure that you and your customers get the very best from us. 


Web Design Process

Check out our web design steps below to get a feel of our work process.

Data Gathering & Research

We have a sit down with you and get to learn about your brand. Some of the things we look into are:

  • What goals does the new website need to fulfill?
  • Who are your current and potential future customers? 
  • What are their interests?
  • What do they expect to find or do on your site?
  • Who are your competing sites? 
  • How should your site be inspired or different from the completion?
  • What is the timeframe for the website design’s completion?

Wireframe Design

With all the information we now build the basic building blocks of your websites. We make sure that you have a preview of the basic elements of your website by building a mock up of the wireframe. The mockup showcases the visual design and content. This includes pages mapping and style guideline (fonts, colors). It is a demo of headline and paragraph font styles and colors, navigation styles and image styles.

Content Creation

Once everything is satisfactory and to your liking, we commence to the web design stage. This is where we translate the website design to actual code that makes the website work.

This is the longest stage of the web design process where we work on text layout (typography and structural elements), icons, graphics, SEO (search engine optimization) and the responsive coding, we then test each page and links to make sure that your site works optimally across multiple devices and browsers and is ready for launch.


After we all agree on the layout and functionality specs of the newly built site, we will release your site to the world. We also provide post-development support such as free tutorials to walk you through the backend of your site if you wish to manage some or all aspects of your site later on. And yes, we make the process of you updating and editing your own website easy by choosing the right content management system (CMS) so you can make these changes yourself. And of course we are also here to assist with all website maintenance for the longterm health and success of your website through our monthly retained services or flat-rate fees should you wish us to do so..

« Prices start at $500 »

Web Re-design

With technology and designs changing fast, your clients expect to see an up-to-date, modern, user-friendly, and responsive site. We know that websites are not a one-size-fits-all. Each business is unique with different requirements for their online presence. We offer a range of redesign services, from e-commerce to franchise sites so you can be assured that we deliver what is best for your brand.

« Prices start at $500 »

I already have a website but need it to be updated to look fresh and run better

There are many reasons you may want to redesign your website; new SEO needs, new brand standards, user experience improvement, need for a fresh look.


I would like to sell my goods/services to clients online

Whether you are selling physical or digital goods, we can build a fully functional site for you that accepts major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and cash on delivery. We build e-commerce solutions using Shopify, WooCommerce, and various other e-Commerce systems. 


We are experienced in integrating: Payment Gateways, variable sales tax, inventory and third-party tracking, product variations, pricing models, dynamic shipping, and tracking. 

Our E-commerce designs are known for

  • Clean, responsive design
  • Fast load time and shopping experience 
  • Manageable content (Easily add or edit contents in your site)
« Prices start at $1200 »

Web Maintenance

Some of the maintenances services include

  • Web maintenance (loading speed, broken links, fix etc)
  • Basic Website Support
  • Content Updates as Requested
  • Update WordPress Version & Plugins Update
  • Rename files or optimize file names for Search Engines
  • Meta keywords, page titles, meta descriptions and other similar elements for SEO
  • Weekly Site Backups
  • Uptime & Security Monitoring Performance Optimization
  • Detailed Monthly Report
  • Not Eligible for E-Commerce Sites
    Software (+ E-Commerce) Updates (additional $75)
    1 Blog Post Per Month ((additional $75))
    « Software (+ E-Commerce) Updates (additional $75) »
    « 1 Blog Post Per Month ((additional $75)) »

    Recurring maintenance

    • SEO check, security (monthly)
    • Website audit for usability and responsive updates (annually).
    « $150/yearly or $40 monthly »

    My website was fine when new but now I’m not sure what issues may be slowing things down.

    Not only are we here for you from building your first website to maintaining your existing site. We also provide on-going support and maintenance services to ensure that your website always runs smoothly and efficiently. We make sure that you receive the best possible support for you to reach your goals.


    I need secure and affordable hosting services

    Your site is critical to your business and should run without any downtime. We offer hosting services that suit your needs without compromising on stability and security.


      What You Get

      • Cloud-based hosting
      • Secure WordPress Hosting and Scalable .Net Hosting
      • Lightning-fast technology
      • Monitoring and support
      • Backups, patches, and security upgrades
      • Email hosting
      « Prices start at $84/year »

      Custom Programming

      Web Apps & Software

      Whether you are looking into replacing a current desktop software solution or creating an entirely new web-based product, we can help you through every step of the process. Having customized software can save you money, time and headache and help put your business well above your competition.

      « Rates: $150/hour »

      I need an app for my customers to be able to enjoy and interact with our services anywhere at any time.

      We can build custom web applications tailored to your unique business requirements. We have experience in developing front-end and backend systems for custom web applications. Finding that one software that meets all your needs is often difficult, as most apps are meant to solve the common or shared problems by a group of people in the industry. This is where customized apps come in. A customized app doesn’t need to be expensive. Contact us for more information.


      Ready to get started?

      Are you ready to start your project or would you like to know more about our process? We would love to hear from you. We are happy to answer all your questions.