Do I need to have all the required content prepared prior to contacting you?

No. We can get started by using placeholder content while you work towards completing your content. We do offer a free content “checklist guide” to make things easier for you.

Do I need to be located in your area to do business with you?

No. We can handle communication via phone and email with our clients. We do work with clients from around the globe.

How many design revisions do you allow?

We usually do 3 – 5 revisions but as we work on your project, we ask that you give us a comprehensive list of changes each time to make the process quick and smooth.


How much does a website cost?

Prices vary from project to project. To provide the most accurate estimate for your project, we collect information about your specific project and provide you with a quote. The amount of time required to design and custom develop your project dictates the price. We offer business-specific products to help keep the cost as minimal as possible, but custom design and/or development work is billed accordingly. We’re happy to figure out the best plan to make your website work for you!

It is my first time purchasing a website. Will you help walk me through the whole process?

Absolutely! We are always on standby to walk you through the different navigation steps to get you up and running with the most ease.

What will my website be built on?

We build our websites on a Content Management System (CMS). This is the preferred option as it allows you to make updates to your site without having to know any sort of coding language. Otherwise, we also have expertise in coding from the ground up incase this is your preferred choice.

Will I own the completed website?

Absolutely! You always have full ownership over your website.

How long does it take to finish a website?

Each project is different, but on average our turnaround is between 4 to 6 weeks. This timeline can be longer or shorter depending on our client’s ability to provide feedback, content, and the overall complexity of the build. 

If you have a specific launch date in mind, let us know and we will be happy to work with you in setting up a timeline to achieve it. 

Do your website designs work on mobile devices?

Yes.  Everything and everyone moves towards online businesses and models , we make it a priority to have all designs responsive and that the user experience on a phone is second-to-none.

Do you design for all types of businesses?

We primarily focus on startup businesses but have experience with creating websites within almost every major industry. Reach out to us and we’ll consult with you to see if we’d be a good fit.


Ready to get started?

Are you ready to start your project or would you like to know more about our process? We would love to hear from you. We are happy to answer all your questions.