For Resetting Your Hormones & Reclaiming Your Life From Fibroids, Endometriosis, PCOS/Cysts, Infertility & More

The BALANCE Program by Coach Gessie Thompson and Dr. Amun (who also co-founded the acclaimed Hope Beyond Fibroids Elimination Program), is a comprehensive system for holistically preventing and healing inflammatory conditions such as Fibroids, Endometriosis, Infertility, PCOS/Cysts and more through a transformative and integrative approach of spirit, mind, body healing — leveraging coaching, trauma healing, stress management, nutrition counseling, herbal supplements and more.

For those who have already undergone a myomectomy or or require the integration of surgical intervention, BALANCE is also the perfect support to help them optimize their preparation for surgery and recovery and prevent the recurrence of these reproductive issues. Watch some of our Featured Testimonials and read Robin Michelle Wilson’s testimony article about how she eliminated a seven plus centimeter fibroid on the Balance Program during quarantine (in about five weeks)!

Our BALANCE System offers the following three levels of service and support:


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Estrogen Dominance, Fibroids & More

From stress management to diet and more, our BALANCE Program teaches and supports you through lifestyle changes that have resulted in MRI-documented cases of women eliminating up to 50 fibroids without surgery and women conceiving and giving birth to miracle babies after being unable to conceive for 12 years! It consists of Coaching Sessions, Nutrition Plans, Herbal Supplements and Daily Practices.

Coaching & Support

Our BALANCE Program provides the accountability, community and support needed to help you design the sustainable lifestyle of healing required to reverse reproductive conditions such as Fibroids, PCOS/Cysts, Endometriosis, Infertility and more through the following services:

  • Weekly Coaching: Depending on which package best suits your needs, 12 one-to-one, or small-group, weekly coaching sessions are included in the BALANCE Program.
  • Three Live Medical Consult Q&A Sessions with Your Designated Health Coach and Dr. Amun
  • Unlimited Email/Text/WhatsApp Group Access to Your Designated Health Coach Throughout the Full Program

Nutrition Plans

Our meal plans and ebooks teach you how to use food as your medicine to attack and reverse the Estrogen Dominance that is at the root of these inflammatory conditions. The plans include two eBooks and our signature BALANCE Meal Plans.



  • GOT FIBROIDS? The Fibroid Elimination Bible eBook co-authored by Dr. Amun
  • HOPE BEYOND FIBROIDS eBook by Coach Gessie Thompson

Meal Plans: Our signature BALANCE Transition, Elimination and Regeneration meal plans included in the program provide a guide in equipping and empowering you through his vital lifestyle change.

Herbal Supplements

Our exclusive Dr. Amun Herbal Supplements provide the gap in minerals needed to eradicate the Estrogen Dominance and support the body in healing itself from these inflammatory conditions.


8 oz Supply of our three signature supplements BALANCE, LIVER and BLOOD are included in each BALANCE Program package, with the option to add our IRON and MASS supplements to the accelerate your results depending on the specifics of your case.

Daily Practices

Our prescribed daily practices, including Medical Qi Gong and more support and facilitate the overall healing process.


The BALANCE Program includes a host of daily practices that support your overall healing process.

Our self-directed kits provide the guidance and resource to help you HEAL and/or PREVENT the inflammatory conditions. Our BALANCE Kit includes:

  • Hope Beyond Fibroids eBook
  • BALANCE Transition, Elimination and Regeneration Meal Plans
  • Dr. Amun Herbal Supplements: BALANCE, LIVER and BLOOD, with the option to add our IRON and MASS supplements to the accelerate your results depending on the specifics of your case in 2oz or 4oz formats.

Shop our discounted refill bundles to support you in continuing your healing.

Dr. Amun Herbal Supplements: BALANCE, LIVER and BLOOD, with the option to add our IRON and MASS supplements to the accelerate your results depending on the specifics of your case in 2oz or 4oz formats.

What’s Inside

The BALANCE Kit is available in three varieties containing an arrangement of the following content:


Iron is an essential nutrient that supports a range of important functions in your body. Iron helps you produce red blood cells, keeps your energy levels up, and even helps you think clearly. Made with all-natural ingredients that work together to maximize iron absorption, our IRON formula makes it easy to get the iron you need. Unlike typical iron supplements that cause constipation or upset stomach, IRON is easy on your digestive system. Ingredients: Alfalfa, Watercress, Fo Ti, Thyme, Yellow Dock, Nettles leaf, Peony Root, Baobab Root, Ginger Root, Black Mulberry

Hope Beyond Fibroids eBook

by Coach Gessie Thompson

Transition Meal Plan
Elimination Meal Plan
Regeneration Meal Plan


Watch the AMAZING testimonials of our work, including the documented results of one woman eliminating 50 fibroids without surgery, and another having a miracle baby after being unable to conceive for 12 years!


Not sure which options is best for you, register for one of our FREE Weekly consults or book a PRIVATE ONE.


How often should I take the supplements?

The Dr. Amun Herbal Supplements are to be taken 3 times per day; we recommend first am, lunchtime and before bed.

How do I take the supplements?

For best results the supplements should be taken sublingually (under the tongue ) and held for at least 5 minutes before swallowing.

Can I take them at the same time?

Yes. We actually recommend that they are taken simultaneously (at the same) to reduce the amount of time you spend per dosage and the strain on your jaw muscles.

Why sublingual?
Most women who are afflicted with chronic reproductive disorders are likely to also suffer from a digestive or metabolic dysfunction, which means that the conventional method of simply swallowing a tincture will not be very effective as it will not be digested properly. The sublingual method is far more effective because when held under the tongue, the tincture is absorbed directly into the bloodstream where all the nutrients can be utilized immediately by your body.
How long will my BALANCE Kit last?
The 2oz Kit will last approximately 30 days and the 4oz approximately 60 days.
How long before I start seeing/feeling results?

Most women start seeing and feeling positive changes within their first cycle, but results vary depending upon the size, amount and location of the fibroids, cysts or endometriosis. Other varying factors include but are not limited to your body mass index (BMI), other medications that you may be taking, other ailments that could impact the effectiveness of the Kit, or how strictly you follow the program.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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